Gram Staining KIT

Product Specification

  • Usage/Application Microbiology Laboratory
  • Brand Microzo
  • Sterilization Non Sterile
  • Tube & cap colour 4x 100 ml round glass bottles with golden dropper (Blue, Amber, Frosted, Transparent)
  • Volume of media 4x100 ml
  • Storage 15 to 27 °C
  • Shelf Life Expiry date on the label
  • Intended Use For the Staining and identification of bacteria

Ordering Description

Gram Stains
Code Product Pack Size
MGSK10 Gram Stains Kit 100mlx4
MGCV10 Gram's crystal violet 100ml
MGSD10 Gram's Decolourizer 100ml
MGSG10 Safranin 100ml
MGSI10 Gram’s lodine 100ml

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