Vacsure Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes - Lithium Heparin + Gel

The Lithium Heparin + Gel tubes are coated/ spray-dried with Lithium Heparin. The tubes also contain a Gel barrier at the bottom of the tube, which enable them better separation of the blood serum from packed cells during centrifugation. Tubes are designed to draw specific volume of blood specimen as per volume marking

Product Specification

  • Usage/Application Medical Laboratory
  • Brand VACSURE
  • Tube & cap colour Transparent Tube with Green Cap
  • Material PET tube with Bromo butyl rubber stopper with PE safety cap.
  • Additive Lithium Heparin with Gel Barrier
  • Storage 4-25 °C
  • Shelf Life 24 months
  • Sterilization Sterile / Non Sterile
  • Intended Use Endocrine and metabolic disorders, Therapeutic Drug monitoring and toxicology, Electrolytes, Clinical chemistry, Serology and Immunology.

Ordering Description

Code Specifications mm Draw Volume ml Pack Size Box
VSLHG85 16 x 100 8.5 100 6 x 100
With Gamma Sterilization
Code Specifications mm Draw Volume ml Pack Size Box
VSLHG85G 16 x 100 8.5 100 6 x 100

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