PAP Kit/PAP Smear Kit

Product Specification

  • Usage/Application Medical Laboratory
  • Sterilization Non Sterile & EO Sterile
  • Material Cyto Brush - Stick: Polypropylene, Brush: Nylon & Brush Holder: Stainless steel. Cervical Spatula: Wood. Microscopic Slide: Glass. Swab with Plastic Stick: Stick: Polypropylene & Swab: Cotton
  • Storage 4-25 °C
  • Shelf Life 5Y/4Y/3Y
  • Intended Use PAP SMEAR KIT are used to screen for malignant and premalignant lesions of the cervix

Ordering Description

Code Product Pack Size
APK-01H PAP Kit - Sterile (Cyto brush-1No., Cervical spatula-1No.) 1x25
APK-01S PAP Kit-Eco pack also available in pouch pack 1x25