Sample Cup for Analyzers

Product Specification

  • Usage/Application Medical Laboratory
  • Sterilization Non Sterile & EO Sterile
  • Color Transparent
  • Material Polystyrene
  • Storage 4-25 °C
  • Shelf Life 5Y/4Y/3Y
  • Intended Use Sample cups are supplied for use with well-known analyzers for hematology and coagulation analysis of whole blood specimen, biochemical analysis of serum specimen.

Ordering Description

Code Product Type Dimension Pack Size
ASC-01 Cup for Hitachi 3 m1 PS 16x38 mm 500 Nos
ASC-02 Cup for Beckman-CX 0.5 ml PS 13x24 500 Nos
ASC-03 Cup for Beckman 700.1.5 ml PS 14x25 500 Nos
ASC-04 Cup for KODAK 1.5 ml PS 13x20 100 Nos
ASC-05 Cup for Centrifugchem 0.25 ml PS 13x17 100 Nos
ASC-06 Cup for Express 550 PS 12x20 100 Nos
ASC-07 Cup for Cruor PS 35.3 (H) 500 Nos
ASC-08 Cup for Sysmex PS 29.70 (H) 500 Nos
ASC-10 Cup for Fiberitimer Coagulometer PS 500 Nos
ASC-11 Cup for ACUCOA Coagulometer PS 500 Nos
AMB-01 Metallic Balls for coagulation cups 500 Nos
AMS-01 Metallic Sticks for coagulation cups 500 Nos
ASC-13 TECO Twin cup PS 19.10 (H) 500 Nos
ASC-14 TECO single, small cup PS 500 Nos
ASC-15 TECO Single, Big cup PS 500 Nos
ASC-16 Cup for AXSYM PS 17.5x53 500 Nos
ASC-21 Cup for Stago PS 40 Nos
ASC-24 Spectrophotometer cuvettes Micro-2 ml PS 100 Nos
ASC-25 Spectrophotometer cuvettes Micro-4 ml PS 100 Nos